Zombie Objective APK (Latest Version) v1.1.0 for Android

Zombie Objective is an action packed full movement first person shooter (FPS). Blast ferocious zombies in 7 large locations with stunning 3D graphics. In combat players roll the die to determine their move for that turn. They can use life tokens to re-roll their die or bullet tokens to raise the number rolled (up to four). If they run out of life tokens they leave combat.


In Zombie Objective players must fight off hordes of zombies to save humanity. They must use a variety of weapons to complete their missions, including rifles, shotguns, handheld machine guns, launchers, and pistols. The game also has a wide range of equipment and tools to help the player, such as hand grenades and cold weapons.

The gameplay of Zombie Objective is easy to learn and very entertaining. Each turn the players roll a die to determine how many zombies will move and which direction they will move. The players can then use a life token to re-roll the die or two bullet tokens to raise the roll to a four.

The game features seven large locations with stunning 3D graphics and a range of challenges that will test the players’ skills. The players can choose from several different game modes including sniper, defense, reunion, protection, survival, attack, and boss battles. Each mode has its own unique fighting style, and the players can customize their weapons to play in any style they prefer.


Weapons are a vital part of combating zombies. There are a variety of guns available in the game, and they all have different strengths and weaknesses. Some weapons require more precise aim to use, while others can be used more quickly and with greater accuracy. Each gun can be equipped with a variety of attachments, which add extra damage or effects to the weapon.

Players can also build barricades to slow the movement of zombies. These can be wood or propane tank barricades. Propane tank barricades are more difficult to destroy than wooden ones, and when they explode, they cause an area of effect that damages multiple zombies but does not damage other barricades or players.

The game’s weapons include sniper rifles, which can be used from a distance to kill zombies. Rocket launchers are also effective against zombies, and the Cow Mangler 5000’s charged shot can stun them. Grenades and crates are useful weapons for destroying zombies, and a player can mount a gun on an auto turret, which automatically shoots zombies and can be repaired by players.


The game offers a variety of levels to explore. Each level features a unique setting and an immersive experience. The game uses a powerful engine to create a large number of environmental interactions such as traps, mechanics, doors and other factors. Some levels also include unique factors created just for them like boss fights to make gameplay more interesting and compelling.

The levels in Zombie Objective were designed to provide a range of different challenges and styles of play. The game features seven different modes of gameplay for players to experience and master. These include sniper, defense, survival and attack modes. Each mode features its own special weapons and equipment.

Players can earn plants, items and money by completing Adventure Mode. The game also features a special note for players who have completed the mode. The note is displayed as a smiley Sunflower face in the level selector. The notes also display the player’s saved progress in the mode, if any.

Game modes:

In this action shooter game, you’ll battle hordes of zombies as they overrun the city. The game offers up to seven different game modes, each with a unique fighting style that lets you diversify your skills. For instance, in sniper mode, you’ll use a sniper rifle to attack the undead from a distance. You can also defend your base successfully in survival mode, a challenging experience that rewards you with different playstyles.

Players can carry secondary weapons such as grenades, bombs, mines and first aid boxes to support their battle against zombies. Moreover, they can use special tactics like advancing in a group to reduce their vulnerability or moving flexibly to actively hunt for the zombies.

The game uses a modern graphics engine that recreates every visual element to be highly realistic and appealing. It creates visually impressive levels with interesting environmental interactions like traps, doors and mechanics that make the player’s survival more challenging.

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