WPSApp APK (v1.6.63) Download For Android


WPSApp is a versatile application that permits clients to check the security status of their Wi-Fi organizations. It checks for weaknesses connected with the WPS (Wi-Fi Safeguarded Arrangement) convention, which can be taken advantage of by assailants to acquire unapproved admittance to the organization. The application likewise gives data about associated gadgets and gives ideas to further develop network security. It is accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets and is a helpful device for distinguishing potential security gambles in Wi-Fi organizations.

Features of WPSApp:

WPSApp offers the accompanying elements:

  • WPS weakness identification: The application examines Wi-Fi networks for potential weaknesses connected with the WPS convention. It checks in the event that the WPS highlight is empowered, which can represent a security risk.
  • Network examining: WPSApp checks the encompassing region for accessible Wi-Fi organizations and gives data about their security status.
  • Gadget association examination: It shows a rundown of gadgets associated with the organization, including their IP locations and Macintosh (Media Access Control) addresses. This distinguishes any unapproved gadgets associated with the organization.
  • Network encryption appraisal: WPSApp decides the sort of encryption utilized by the Wi-Fi organization (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) and assesses its security level.
  • Secret phrase strength investigation: The application evaluates the strength of the Wi-Fi organization’s secret word and gives suggestions to making more grounded passwords if important.
  • Disconnected mode: WPSApp permits clients to save network examine results for disconnected examination and reference.
  • Network speed test: It incorporates an organization speed test include that actions the transfer and download rates of the Wi-Fi organization.

Promotion free insight: WPSApp offers a promotion free UI, guaranteeing a smooth and continuous client experience.

Kindly note that the particular highlights might shift relying upon the adaptation and foundation of WPSApp.


All in all, WPSApp APK is a portable application that assists clients with surveying the security status of their Wi-Fi organizations. It checks for weaknesses connected with the WPS convention, gives data about associated gadgets, assesses network encryption, breaks down secret word strength, and offers an organization speed test. By utilizing WPSApp, clients can distinguish potential security gambles, go to vital lengths to improve their Wi-Fi organization’s security, and guarantee a more secure and more dependable remote association.

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