Tentacle Locker APK For Android (Latest version) v1.3 Download 2022

Whether you want to play a game on your PC, iPhone or Android, Tentacle Locker APK is a good option to try. This game has several modes for you to choose from, ranging from a dating game to one that is based on a book or horror movie.

About Tentacle Loker APK

Despite the name, Tentacle Locker APK is not for the faint of heart. The game was made by a company that produces a variety of mobile games, including the popular Candy Crush Saga. In a nutshell, you’re given the task of cupping a girl (or girls) in a tentacle. Aside from the actual act of cupping, you’re also tasked with buying a set of requisite locks. The good thing is that the game’s makers didn’t overcharge you for the privilege.

The game is a hoot, thanks to its wacky developers. The main draw is the high-quality graphics and animations, as well as the funky name of the aforementioned sex addicts. While the actual game is more of a chore than a joy, the resulting experience is more than worth the effort. The novelty will last for a long time. The one problem is that the game can be a bit overwhelming to the untrained eye. This is especially true of the female players in the game, who are largely clueless about what to do next.

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Feature of Tentacle Locker APK


Besides being a dating game, Tentacle Locker APK is also a fun and interesting android app. It offers a plethora of items, including lockers, ability points, and more. Moreover, the game offers an excellent storyline.

Multiple levels

The game has multiple levels, making it easy to navigate through. It features an impressive “smokey” window effect and real-life smooth 3D animation. This game is ideal for those who enjoy simulation games.

Attract girls

The app’s main aim is to attract girls. This is accomplished by trapping them in water and hypnotizing them. The game features various game items, including a girl with a tentacle arm.

Live wallpapers

The app’s other functions include a live wallpaper, which will automatically switch to sleep mode if not activated. It will also allow you to earn gold and PP.

High-quality 2-D graphics

The game’s other perks include a fun virtual storyline, high-quality 2-D graphics, and an incredibly simple user interface. The mobile app is compatible with most Android devices. It is safe and secure to download and install. The Android version of the game is free to play.

Audacious scenes

The game has a lot of audacious scenes. You have to capture girls by trapping them in water or hypnotizing them. You will need to make sure that you don’t hurt the girl because she might fight back. It is a challenging and fun game. You have to be careful and put in a lot of effort to win the game.

It is a safe app for android users

Whether you are a teenager, an adult, or a parent, you would surely love to have Tentacle Locker APK installed on your phone. It is one of the most popular games in the adult category, and you can easily download it for free. However, it has some risks.

The game is also very entertaining and you will definitely love to watch it. You can play it on your mobile phone, tablet, or firestick. It can be downloaded from this website. The app is safe and works perfectly on most Android devices.

It has various Android, iOS, and PC game modes

Besides being a video game, Tentacle Locker APK is also a free application. This is a first-person shooter that is available for both Android and iOS. Its gameplay is unique and its colorful themes are fun to watch.

It is an adult-themed game that is not for children. It has a sexual storyline. The main character in the game is a tentacle god who has to capture girls by entering their lockers. Upon capturing a girl, the tentacle god gets a lewd thing called “LUST”. The tentacle god can buy new lockers and level up.

Final thoughts

Therefore Tentacle Locker APK is a game that requires players to be alert and dedicated. It has several features like daily challenges and intimate relationships. In addition, Tentacle Locker offers an advantage over enemies. Its background features several lockers that line up in a row. Beautiful girls in school uniforms are passing by. The player is supposed to catch the girls and make them wear skirts. Download Tentacle Locker APK now!

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