Summertime Saga APK (New version) 2022 Download

Having played through the first half of the game Summertime Saga APK, I can say that it is a pretty good game. The graphics are excellent, the storyline is engaging, and the gameplay is smooth. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for an Android game that will keep them glued to their phones for hours.


Unlike other games, Summertime Saga’s gameplay is not linear. Instead, it follows a young college student through the ups and downs of life. During this journey, the player will meet 65 characters, go through multiple plotlines, and solve many mysteries.

In addition, the game also includes romance games and mini-games. The game is designed to look like an animated movie. It features beautiful graphics and realistic character designs. Players can explore any part of the city.

The game is available on multiple platforms. It also includes an amazing dating system that helps players find the perfect prom date. Players can choose from over 50 different young women. The game also offers romance games that allow the player to develop romantic relationships with many different characters.

There are also several side quests that can be completed. In addition, the game offers an impressive number of locations to visit. The player can also interact with the characters to get important information.


Featuring beautiful visuals, a variety of engaging characters, and an immersive plot, Summertime Saga is a must-have for fans of the genre. This dating simulation game is ideal for both adults and children. It’s simple to learn, yet it has a lot to offer.

The game’s story is about a young man trying to deal with the death of his father. As the story progresses, he finds out that his father was killed by a gangster.

He begins to suffer from an inferiority complex but has to decide whether to let it continue to haunt him or not. So, he has to find a way to pay off his father’s debt. He will have to do this while living with his stepmother and step-sister.

There are three different game modes to choose from Adventure, Normal, and Simulation. Each mode has its own unique challenges and rewards. Players can replay any story as many times as they wish. They can also publish their own stories on the platform.

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Cheated and clean modes

During the course of the game, players are required to complete different tasks and solve different problems. For this, players need to have an understanding of the different game modes.

In Summertime Saga APK, there are two modes to choose from: clean and cheat mode. In the clean mode, players are required to follow all the instructions given by the character and complete all the tasks. They will also receive a reward for their achievements.

In the cheat mode, players are allowed to select and skip different tasks, allowing them to earn a lot of money. Moreover, in addition to that, players can also choose to create relationships with the people they want.

In Summertime Saga APK, there are more than 65 characters to choose from. Each character brings different requirements and information. These include Miss Dewitt, Miss Okita, Miss Bissette, Mrs. Johnson, and Odette. This helps players obtain different items. They can also get dating advice from the characters.


Basically, Summertime Saga is a dating sim game. It revolves around an adolescent who lives in an average American town. His father has died and he needs money to go to college. In order to fund his education, he had to move to a suburban area.

The game features 65 different characters. This includes a stepmother, a stepsister, a cousin, and even a bank employee. There are also gangs and criminals. The storyline is interesting and engaging, and it includes unexpected events.

There are also two main play modes. The first is the visual novel style. The player wakes up in a modest room and interacts with the characters in the game.

He will do his daily chores and will eventually be given money and precious stuff. He will visit various places to help the protagonist.

Another play mode involves the first-person perspective. He will have to go to various places in order to solve mysteries and complete tasks. He will meet different characters who will offer him demands and information.

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