strongSwan VPN Client APK (Latest v2.3.3) Download

The strongSwan VPN Client APK is an app that allows Android users to connect to a VPN service. This app is compatible with Android 4.0 and later. It requires the user to register an account and accept the required permissions. Moreover, it is a completely free application.

About strongSwan VPN Client APK

StrongSwan VPN Client is a free application available for download on Android devices. Its content rating is Everyone. It supports 15 API and works on many different devices. So, it is available in several versions, including 2.3.3 (current),. It is also available in the latest version for Android devices. Downloading strongSwan is easy, and users can choose from several locations to use the app. Once they have selected a location, they can set up as many VPN profiles as they would like. This application also works with public Wi-Fi networks.

StrongSwan VPN Client can be installed without the APK file. To install the app, open an emulator and connect your Google account to it. After that, download the strongSwan VPN Client from this website and install it. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements so that it will work properly.


If you are wondering how to download and install the strongSwan VPN client, you have come to the right place. Here are the steps to download, configure, and rate strongSwan VPN. You can use strongSwan VPN to browse the internet without worrying about your safety.

You can even set up as many VPN profiles as you want. This app can be downloaded from this website. After installation, users should click on the “Add VPN Profil” button to set up a VPN profile.

StrongSwan VPN Client APK is available in different versions. The APK file is saved to the system memory or the memory card. This application does not require rooting and can be uninstalled and re-installed.

Users should remember that downloading applications from third-party sources is risky. Such applications can contain viruses and damage the phone. In addition, these apps do not get automatic updates.

Strongswan configuration

To configure the app, visit the settings menu in the strongSwan app. Navigate to the Settings menu and choose “Configuration for strongSwan VPN Client APK.” This will bring you to the Settings page. Here, you can enter your account setup information. The application also allows you to set up as many VPN profiles as you need.

Configuring the VPN client is easy. If your VPN server uses AAA certificates, you must enable the automatic certificate selection setting in your VPN profile. Android 4.4+ devices use the Storage Access Framework to load certificates. Older systems may use third-party file managers.


StrongSwan VPN Client is a free Android app that has been downloaded over 100K times. It is part of the Telephony category. So, it has been developed by the strongSwan Project. It has received an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars. The app is compatible with Android OS version 4.4 and up and has a content rating of Everyone.


There are several ways to set up VPN profiles using strongSwan. By setting them up, users can access the internet in different locations with just a single app. Users can create as many VPN profiles as they want. For example, they can set up a VPN profile on each device and connect to a different network for each one.

StrongSwan VPN for Android is a free application. The app supports for the VPN service API. Its data traffic is encrypted with IPsec. Other features include EAP-TLS with client certificates and username/password EAP authentication. Both of these methods allow the user to access VPN servers using the certificates that are installed on their device.


MemuPlay is a great emulator that is designed primarily for gaming. It also has a built-in support for strongSwan VPN Client. This VPN client supports different server configurations.

To use it, open the application, choose the server configuration, and click on “Start VPN.” Next, enter your username, password, and certificate to connect to the server. Once connected, you can use the application as you would any other VPN.


StrongSwan VPN is one of the most popular VPN client apps available on this webpage. The app has a content rating of Everyone. It is available in various versions ranging from 2.3.3. It can be installed on any android device that supports 15 APIs.

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