Safari Match APK (v0.2) Download For Android

Safari Match APK is an exciting memory game that takes you on a journey through the savannah. Help cute animals find a home in this amazing puzzle game by matching rows of fruits, flowers, and leaves with three or more similar objects. This fun Android game is a great way to pass the time and it’s completely free!

What is Safari Match APK?

Safari Match APK is a fun and exciting game that takes you on an adventure through the African savanna. In the game, you can help cute animals find their way home by sorting out colorful vegetables, flowers, and leaves. It also features a variety of fun and interesting bonuses and challenges, including the ability to use boosters like hammers, bombs, and rainbows! With multiple levels to explore and amazing graphics, this merry game will entertain you for hours. It’s the perfect choice for family fun or a relaxing break from the office! You can play Safari Match on your Android device, but you’ll need to be sure it’s compatible with your system. If it isn’t, you may experience some issues! Check with your device manufacturer for more information.

Features of Safari Match APK:


Safari Match APK is a fantastic memory game that takes players on a wild adventure through the African savanna. With stunning graphics and realistic sounds, this is one of the best games you can download for free on your Android device. Test your memory skills and try to match pairs of animal cards as you travel through multiple levels.

In this game, you play as a professional hunter who tracks down different animals in the African wilderness. You’ll use your jeep to track down prey and then take them down with a variety of weapons. This is a fun and challenging game that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can also unlock new guns and items as you progress through the game’s various levels.

Game modes:

Safari Match APK has plenty of exciting game modes to keep you busy. Challenge your memory in the ad-free Challenge mode, race against the clock in the Survival mode or just get lost in the fun of endless gameplay.

Collect magic leaves to help your animal friends rebuild their beloved safari parks in this match-3 puzzle adventure! Earn daily rewards, compete with friends, and collect magic animals like lions, tigers, and bears. Show off your skills by ranking up your animal friends to reveal their stories and customize them in fun ways!

Start your journey today in this merry new Android game! You won’t want to miss it! Powered by Anawiki Games, a veteran developer of casual games for all audiences. It’s time to take the jungle by storm with Safari Match APK!


Safari Match APK has a huge selection of boosters that you can use to help you blast through the match-3 puzzles. Lucky Candy, Coconut Wheel, Free Switch, Lollipop Hammer, Candy Bomb, Jellyfish, Striped, and Wrapped are just a few of the many options you’ll find!

Controls are simple:

The game’s controls are simple – swipe to swap two animals. If you’re a matching master, you can match more than 3 animals at once to create powerful boosters like launchers and cruisers, or the telescope which clears entire rows and columns of animals!

These power-ups will give you the boost you need to achieve sky-high scores. Download Safari Match today to begin your journey! It’s a match-3 adventure you won’t want to miss! Play with your animal friends!

Endless fun:

Safari Match is a fun memory game that will take you on a wild journey through the African savanna. With stunning graphics and realistic sounds, it’s an exciting way to test your memory skills. You’ll have tons of fun matching pairs of safari animals and overcoming challenging stages.


Start your safari adventure by helping cute animals find a home in this merry Android game. Sort out rows of fruits and vegetables to make them disappear and collect magical leaves that will allow you to recover abandoned safari parks where your furry friends can have a home. Complete levels as quickly as possible to earn incredible power-ups. Plus, there are loads of bonuses to keep you going! Download the latest version of Safari Match APK today and have fun!

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