Project GLUTT APK (v1.0) Download For Android

Project GLUTT APK is a platforming game where you control a science experiment that escapes from her lab, with an interesting method of doing so: swallowing enemies to survive. The clever mechanic of devouring enemies with a limit on your consumption makes this game challenging and keeps you coming back for more. It also encourages careful resource management, as you need to ration your life between moves and attacks.

What is Project GLUTT APK?

In this 2D platforming game, you play as Project GLUTT APK, an escapee science experiment that has developed the ability to both jump on enemies and swallow them alive. Project Glutt app is limited to eating just one enemy at a time, so it’s important to pick your battles carefully and keep your energy levels balanced. To do this, you’ll have to watch your hunger bar as it depletes and replenish it with consumed enemies.


  • In this platforming game, players control a heroine who is an escapee from a crazy research facility.
  • Her method of escaping is to eat everything that stands in her way!
  • This is a unique mechanic, and the best part is that there’s a limit on how many enemies you can swallow at a time.
  • Plus, there are aliens thrown in for good measure to make things even more difficult!


In this fast-paced platforming adventure, you take on the role of a gooey globular monster in search of adventure and enemy annihilation. Project GLUTT APK is known for its peculiar capacity to both pounce on and devour foes whole, a property that ensures you are always protected from enemies determined to impede your destruction mission.

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