Namesake APK Download (Latest Version) v83 For Android

Namesake APK is an official Mobile application. It is the best application for making Al Avatars
of various pictures. It is a fast and totally free-of-cost application. You can create avatars of different pictures, save them in your phone storage, and use them in other places . After the first use, new users will be 100% get satisfied with the Namesake app.

About Namesake APK

Namesake APK is a very easy and safe application. anyone can use it very easily because it provides a basic interface to the users so that they can use it very comfortably. It works much better than the other Avatar creator applications which are not free. So this application provides a basic interface and it provides more features than the other applications which r not free of cost. Everyone will love this application after using it for the first time. It is an android phone application .it can compete with all other paid applications, and it provides various features which are best for avatar making.

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Features of Namesake APK

Namesake APK has many different features for avatar making. And you will b get informed by
what this application is capable to do.

Creating an avatar: In this application, you will be offered to create your own avatar. you can create
various avatars by using your own pictures from your gallery. you can make avatars with your
pictures by applying them to various personalities like celebrates, actors, and political persons with
only one tap. You can generate any avatar very easily, just you have to do is select your picture from your
gallery and apply it to your desired avatar.

How to export avatar: Namesake App provides the best services and features for its users. you can Export your avatar directly to your device by just clicking one option. After that, you will get your desired avatar in your own device storage. This app is totally free so you can save your avatars without paying any additional charges. In other applications, you need to buy a premium option to unlock all the features but don’t worry Namesake Apk provides you best services free of cost.
This app allows you to share your files anywhere after exporting. You can use your created
avatars as your profile picture and can share on social media.

App storage: Namesake APK provides you with a very unique feature. This application gives you
storage to put your file as drafts and you can open them later. Once you put your file in the draft you
can open it at any time and can re-edit it. Secondly, your files are totally safe in the app store and they are in the draft until you permanently delete them. It is one of the best feature of the application.

Additional features

Latest updates: This application gets updated from time to time and brings the latest features to the library for the users to apply new Avatars to their pictures and get updated. users get nourished by
the new features from the new update each time. Trending Avatars will appear on the top of the
library for the users.


Overall, this application provides the best platform for users to create various avatars without
paying any fee. Users will be provided with the best avatars of different and latest Avatars of their
desired and popular personalities like celebrities, Actors, Robers, and many other Avatars. So, download the Namesake APK now!

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