Koloro APK (Latest v6.2.3) Download For Android

Koloro APK is an excellent photo editing application that is highly regarded for its professional features. It is one of the best photo editors on the mobile platform and has a huge library of Lightroom presets created by world-renowned photographers. It features a non-destructive workflow, a personal library, and 150+ new handcrafted presets.

What is Koloro APK?

KoloroAPK is a popular photo editing app that allows users to apply unique hand-crafted presets to their images. These preset give you a wide range of options when it comes to enhancing your photos and videos. In addition to photo editing, this application also includes tools for adjusting focus, sizes, perspective, and other common editing tasks.

This app gives you the ability to change colors and add effects to photos. You can even change the tone of your pictures to enhance their meaning. The application also allows you to adjust other elements related to the image, such as the lighting, contrast, and hue. Some presets may interfere with image elements, so be sure to test them first to make sure they’ll work on your photos.

You can also make use of the mobile version of Koloro, which is a version of the popular app Lightroom. The app comes with a number of tools, including a selection of presets that work with mobile devices.

Non-destructive workflow:

Koloro APK is a powerful editing application that will take your photos and videos to the next level. Its non-destructive workflow allows you to edit images multiple times without destroying them.

You can change the size of your photos and separate specific areas of your images. You can also crop your images to different levels.

The Koloro app is highly intuitive. You can use thousands of free presets to improve the look of your photos. The app comes with a huge library of presets from famous photographers. It is a great app for photo editing and is highly recommended for mobile devices.

Offers DNG files:

Users can use the app to edit photos and videos, share them online, or export them to Lightroom and other editing programs. It even offers DNG files, making it easier to share your content.

Copy & paste function:

Koloro APK offers various editing tools to enhance the quality of your photos and videos. You can make basic adjustments or experiment with the more powerful features.

The program also comes with useful HSL and structure features. You can add vibrant effects to your photos and videos. There is also a retouch tool that can fix minor cosmetics.

New effects:

You can edit your images with Koloro by using presets. You can add new effects, adjust the brightness or contrast, create multiple versions of your photo, and apply overlays.

The app also includes the ability to copy and paste edited photos and videos. This is an excellent feature for users who have a lot of photos to edit.

You can also share your pictures on social media sites and with other users. You can also use the app’s photo library to manage your photos.

Personal library:

Whether you need a camera app for a smartphone or want to make your favorite photo look better, Koloro can help you achieve your desired look. The app includes over 20 editing tools that help you create stunning images, retouch them, and do makeup. Not only can you customize your pictures, but you can also create your own presets that you can share with your friends.

Light filter:

Koloro APK also has several features you’ll appreciate, including the light filter, basic tools, and personal library. As a bonus, this app is ad-free, enabling you to enjoy all of its features without being interrupted by annoying ads. And while you’re at it, why not enjoy some of the other extra features that come with the free version?


Koloro APK is a complete photo editor for Android. It features over 800 premium filters and 1000 Lightroom presets. It also includes Darkroom, which allows you to batch-edit your photos. Koloro also includes the Darkroom photo editor, which gives you the ability to edit photos and videos quickly and easily. The app also offers batch editing, so you can easily select several photos or videos at a time and copy their settings at once. And if you want to keep multiple versions of the same image, you can use Koloro’s batch save and delete functionality. Download the Koloro APK now!

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