Good Lock APK Download 2022 (Latest Version) For Android

Good Lock APK is a popular application that helps you lock and unlock your phone easily. With the app, you can also make your device safe from viruses and spyware. The best thing about this application is that it is free. However, if you want to download and use it, then there are a few steps that you need to follow.

About Good Lock APK

Good Lock APK is an app that lets you customize your Samsung device. It allows you to change the look, feels, and functionality of your phone. You can choose from a variety of modules and plugins. The apps are all free, and they can be downloaded from this website.

Some of the most popular modules are MultiStar, QuickStar, and Home Up. They can be used to change how the taskbar looks, change the shape and color of folders, and change the layout of the Recents section. Each module has its own set of capabilities and features.

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Wonderland APK is a free app that is available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. This is a wallpaper creator and editor application that allows users to customize wallpapers and create motion effects. You can even edit existing wallpapers to add elements.

The Wonderland app is targeted toward Android 10 devices. It features an immersive visual experience and has a unique magical world. As such, it has a good amount of content. There are also many cool technical things to play with. However, not all the APK files are reputable. That’s why you need to be careful.

When it comes to Wonderland APK, the most important thing is that it helps you achieve your goals. That’s why you’ll want to download the latest version to get the most out of the game. Also, it’s worth noting that there are a few bugs that have been fixed.

Nice Shot

Samsung’s Nice Shot is a free screen recording app that works well on Android devices. It features an easy user interface and offers some interesting features. The app is a great way to capture your screen, and you can also share screenshots via GIFs.

This app is part of Samsung’s Good Lock APK customization platform. This system ensures that Nice Shot behaves like the native app on your device. In fact, you can customize it even more with the help of a number of Good Lock addons. For instance, you can select a specific background for your self-videos.

You can also customize your screenshots by adding tags. This allows you to easily locate your best shots later. Additionally, you can annotate your videos as you record them.


MultiStar Good Lock APK is a Samsung application that can transform your multitasking experience. It can keep two windows open simultaneously and allow you to control how the application looks and operates.

The app is based on Android API 27 and is compatible with the newly released Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. You can use the app to change the appearance of the app and the icons it displays when a notification arrives.

With the update, the app can now support Routines in LockStar. This will allow you to set up up to six actions for the gesture handle. Also, the app will now display the incoming notifications as icons instead of opening the app in a pop-up window.

Fixing location prompt

Samsung’s Good Lock APK app has been a long time coming, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with its plethora of piffs and faffs. In fact, if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner who’s looking for the best way to evict your mates, the good news is that it’s relatively easy to remove from your phone’s dock.

As a bonus, the app has a plethora of other perks as well, ranging from a full suite of Android security applications to a free OTA (over the air) firmware update every three months, and a slew of new features that were previously unavailable.


If you own a Samsung device, you’re likely familiar with Good Lock APK. It’s an app suite that allows you to customize the look of your lock screen and quick settings panel. You can also block certain apps if you’ve repeatedly dismissed them.

The app is packed with features, from changing the color of your notifications to customizing the appearance of your clock. Although you can’t install it globally, it’s available on certain Samsung devices. There’s even a widget that lets you control the speed of your device’s navigation bar.

Fortunately, the Good Lock APK app is not too intrusive. After all, it doesn’t eat up any storage space and doesn’t make your phone slow down.

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