Alight Motion APK (No Watermark) Free Download 2022

If you are looking for a video editor that can create stunning videos on your Android device, you should try out Alight Motion APK. It supports high-resolution videos and images. It also supports GPU-accelerated video recording and live filters that enable you to apply motion graphics in real time. It is a great tool for creating amazing videos and visual effects. It provides several video and image filters for you to choose from.

About Alight Motion APK

The Alight Motion APK enables you to use vector graphics in your animation videos. Vector graphics are minimalistic images that are based on mathematical formulas and calculations. These can be used to make 3D images or 2D sketches that you can use in your animation videos. This mod has thousands of visual effects that you can use.

With more than 2000 built-in fonts, Alight Motion Pro Apk is an excellent choice for making your animations. Its text animation feature lets you add text in any video and animate it in any shape you choose. If you’d like, you can even create a custom font to use in your animation.


Alight Motion is a professional motion video editing app, which focuses on GIF animations, videos, and images. The application includes a library of over 100 building blocks that help you create professional, sophisticated visual effects.

The app also offers search options and additional presets. You can create any type of animation you want, from animated sketches to branding videos. The app also features a built-in video editor, which lets you add music and other visual effects. It also includes advanced motion graphics and colour correction tools.

You can also add text and add animated elements to decorate your projects. Afterwards, you can preview your creation or export it. The application is available on Android devices and is free to download.

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Blend effects

Alight Motion is a great application for creating video animations. Its blend effects allow you to merge multiple videos into one. You can even merge important scenes to create a more cohesive video. Alight Motion also offers numerous options for exporting videos, including MP4 and GIF formats.

Alight Motion also has features for removing watermarks from videos. Its no-watermark version removes the watermarks from exported videos. This makes it an ideal app for illustrators, animators, and graphic designers.

Keyframe liveliness

One of the most notable highlights of Alight Motion Mod APK is its keyframe liveliness support. This feature allows users to create and alter specific movements in a video. The app also offers web-based libraries of movement presets and components. This enables users to alter videos in a snappy and effortless manner. It supports various video formats, including MP4 and GIF recordings.

Another feature of Alight Motion is its enhanced visualizations. It allows users to create and alter video cuts and pictures with different styles. The program supports both video and bitmap formats.

Exporting videos without watermark

If you’re looking for an app that’s capable of exporting videos without a watermark, look no further than Alight Motion APK. It includes a host of brilliant editing tools that will turn your videos into professional-looking videos. It also allows you to capture video from photos and add sound to your video.

You can even create your own videos with Alight Motion and preview them before exporting them. Once you’ve made your masterpiece, simply export it to remove the watermark and you’ll have the perfect video ready to share. Alternatively, you can use the free InShot app from the Google Play store to remove the watermark from your video.

Installation procedure

To download Alight Motion APK for Android, go to your device’s settings and select “Unknown sources”. Tap OK when you get the pop-up alert. After this, you’re ready to download the APK file for the application. It’s completely safe to download and virus-free.

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