Adaway APK Download (Latest v6.0.3) For Android

Adaway APK is the best tool or application for ad-blocking it blocks any pop-up or video ad that appears
while you are surfing on your Android device. It is also used to choose the host files or media from your device storage.

About Adaway APK

Adaway APK is a very easy and safe application for android. This is the best application for Android users who are browsing the internet. As its name (Adaway) its function is also the same as the name Adaway. Because it is used to remove different kinds of ads and pop-ups which are shown while you are browsing the internet. It is the only tool that helps users to save precious time and it doesn’t let popups while browsing which can waste the user’s time.

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Features of Adaway APK

Adaway has many different features for removing ads and pop-ups. You will be informed of what this mobile phone application is capable to do.

Ads remover: It is the main function of the Adaway APK. This feature provides many services to the users first it saves time for the user because it does not allow any pop-ups or ads while the user is browsing the internet.

The attention of users while browsing: Adaway has another potential feature that allows users to browse the internet very carefully. Because while browsing the internet users wants to learn something special. During reading or watching if there is any ad or pop-up comes the user loses their concentration. So if users use this application they can browse the internet very carefully.

Hosting: One of the best things about this Adaway app is that it updates the host’s file in a period. So it doesn’t need to run in the background to block different ads, which is especially suitable for older mobile phones.

How to download Adaway APK?

Adaway APK is not available on the play store. but you can download the app from this website. Once the APK file is downloaded just enable the “Unknown Sources” on your mobile settings and install it and now you can block all the ads and trackers on your phone, or users can also download it directly from our link mentioned.


Overall the Adaway APK is considered to be the best Android application. It blocks all ads and pop-ups on your Android phone while surfing the internet. If you block all the ads using Adaway APK you can browse the internet very carefully and you can save time.

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